Smart Auto
Featured Image

  • Create stunning Featured Images effortlessly for your WordPress site
  • Automate your Featured Image workflow with dynamic content capabilities
  • Built-in advanced template editor
  • Cancel at anytime

Automate with Dynamic Templates

Create variations of your custom designs automatically with dynamic templates. Empower your branding with consistent and visually appealing designs.

The old way

  • External image editor needed
  • Save your image to a file on your computer
  • Import your saved image to your site
  • No dynamic elements available

With Smart Auto Featured Image

  • Built-in image editor
  • Featured image generated in one click
  • Automated generation and upload
  • Dynamic elements based on content


With Smart Auto Featured Image, you can virtually use only one template to generate multiple featured image. Thanks to its dynamic capabilities, one template will render differently on each different post.


Create dynamic templates

Design one or many templates in the template manager. Use dynamic content for automation.


Use your template in any post

Select any of your templates when editing a post. Use it as is or modify it for the post being edited.


Generate the Featured Image

Preview and generate the Featured Image based on the selected template.

Create Unlimited Templates

Manage your templates easily and create / import as many as you need. Use any template on any post as is, or edit it on a per post basis to bring minor changes without modifying the original template.

Easy editing

Templates are composed of multiple layers in a similar fashion as Adobe Photoshop. Layers can be moved/resized/rotated and arranged along the grid or moved on a fixed axis.

Built-in Unsplash Image Browser

Browse from 3M+ HD images and integrate them directly in your designs for free, without attribution required.

Unsplash Image Library

Browse from 3M+ HD images and integrate them in your designs for free.

Font Awesome 6 Free Icons

Get access to thousands of free icons to enhance your designs.

Google Fonts Support

Create visually attractive texts in your design thanks to the Google fonts collection.

SVG Support

Integrate vector graphics easily from SVG files, or with a simple copy/paste of any SVG code.

.WEBP Format Support

In addition to .JPG & .PNG format, you can generate your featured images in the modern .WEBP image format which will keep your website fast !

HTML/CSS Powered

Since our image editor is based on HTML/CSS, it is very easy to customize your designs with the addition of Custom CSS


With Smart Auto Featured Image, you can virtually use only one template to generate multiple featured image. Thanks to its dynamic capabilities, one template will render differently on each different post.

  • Post title
  • Post author
  • Post category
  • Post type
  • Meta / custom meta
  • Date in any format
  • Site domain
  • Yoast SEO focus keyword
  • ACF field

Dynamic Text

Dynamic text automatically picks up on the corresponding the content from the post being edited and integrates it into your design.

For example, {{title}} will be replaced by “My super blog article title” while keeping all of its properties (font, color, alignment, etc…)

Dynamic Image

Templates are composed of multiple layers in a similar fashion as Adobe Photoshop. Layers can be moved/resized/rotated and arranged along the grid or moved on a fixed axis.

  • First image found from the post content
  • Author image
  • Site logo
  • YouTube thumbnail from embed
  • ACF image

Conditional content

Conditional layers is a powerful tool that lets you render something on your design only if the required condition is met.

For example, if you write articles about cat and dogs, you could show a cat icon for the posts of category “cats”, a dog icon for the posts of category “dogs”, and a paw icon for any other category.

ACF Integration

Seemless integration with Advanced Custom Fields.

Use any ACF Text or Image field into your designs. Your ACF fields are automatically listed into Smart Auto Featured Image.

Many templates included

Build your template from scratch or choose from one of the many included templates if you need some inspiration to get started !

Amazing time saver tool

Creating meaningful images for my blog posts always felt like a complicated task. With Smart Auto Featured Image, I only need to adjust a detail or two before each publication and everything gets done automatically !
Jeremy Valdez
Happy Customer

Free vs Pro

Layers per template2 only + backgroundUnlimited
Max template size1200 x 8005000 x 5000
Design toolsText, Square, Circle, ImageAll including Dynamic Image, FontAwesome Icons, SVG
Conditional layersNoYes
Custom functions (dynamic text)NoYes
Unsplash image libraryLimited, SD / Non HQ imagesUnlimited, HD + HQ
Google fontsNoYes
Custom CSSNoYes
Rounded cornersNoYes
HD Image generationNoYes
ACF integrationNoYes
Yoast SEO/RankMath integrationNoYes
Image qualityFixed to 85%Select from 1-100%
Image formatsJPG onlyJPG, PNG, WEBP
WEBP image formatNoYes


Get started with Smart Auto Featured Image Pro from $8.33/month only !

With a cost of just a few cents per image, fire your designer now and save money on featured images !

25 images/m use on up to 1 site
Select a plan:

$8.33/m $99.99 billed annually
  • All Pro Features
  • Software Updates
  • Priority Support


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  • What is a credit ?

    A credit is equivalent to one Featured Image generation.

    For example, with 10 credits you can generate 10 Featured Images.

  • My subscription starts in the middle of the month, how are my credits calculated ?

    Credits are reset on the 1st of every month. However, if your license starts on the 12th of the month for example, a proration is applied, and ceiled to the upper number.

    If the current month is the month your license starts:

    ProratedCredits = CurrentPlanMaxCredits * (31 – LicenseStartDay + 1) / 31;

    For example, if your Plan has a maximum of 100 credits available and you started your license on the 12th, you will be able to use 100 * (31 – 12 + 1) /31, or 65 credits until the end of the first month. After the first month, you can normally use 100 credits each month. 

    If the current month is the month your license expires:

    ProratedCredits = CurrentPlanMaxCredits * (LicenseStartDay + 1) / 31;

  • Does a preview use a credit ?

    No, a credit is only used when you request a Featured Image generation

  • How are the featured images generated ?

    Upon requesting a featured image generation, template data is sent to our servers. Our image processor then turns this data into standard image files. Once the image is generated, it is downloaded to your website automatically and remains there forever. The image generation process will not use any ressource on your side. 

  • What happens if I don’t use all of my credits ?

    The monthly credit count is reset every month. All unused credits are lost and cannot be transferred.

  • Can I buy extra credits once in a while ?

    Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. If you need extra credits, you need to upgrade to the upper plan (a prorating will be applied)

  • Can I upgrade my license later if I need more credits ?

    Yes ! You can start with the 1 site / 25 credits license to get started. If you need more credits, for example, 6 months after the initial purchase, you can upgrade your license  to have more credits and a proration will be applied.

  • I have only one site but I need more than 25 credits, what plan should I get ?

    Each plan is composed of 2 variables: a number of site you can use your license on, and a pool of credits that is shared between your sites.

    So if you only have one site but you need to generate 100 featured images per month, you need to subscribe to the 3 sites – 100 credits/m plan.

    If you have 2 sites but you need only 10 credits per site, you would need to subscribe to the 2 sites – 65 credits/m plan.

  • Do you offer monthly plans ?

    Smart Auto Featured Image can only be purchased as an annual subscription. No monthly subscription is available at the moment.

  • Can I buy a lifetime license ?

    No. Considering the nature of the product and because the image generation happens on our end, we do not offer a lifetime license for Smart Auto Featured Image.

  • Is Smart Auto Featured Image compatible with Elementor ?

    Yes. Even if you build your pages with Elementor, you can generate featured images normally from the Gutenberg block editor, before entering the Elementor builder. Your Elementor page will not be altered in any way as it is fully compatible.