From the FAQ Editor, you can use drag and drop for multiple operations that will make editing easy!

To drag an item, you need to click and hold its 3 dots icon on the left. A 4-arrow cursor will show.

1. Drag FAQs from one FAQ Group to another

Move a FAQ from a FAQ Group to another using drag’n’drop.

As you hover the target FAQ Group, a dropping zone will be highlighted for you to target precisely where to release the item.

2. Drag FAQs from the All FAQs panel to any FAQ Group

From the right panel, drag any FAQ to one or multiple FAQ Groups. Repeat the operation to drag a FAQ to more than one group.

Changes in a FAQ will be synced throughout the FAQ Groups.

3. Drag FAQs within a FAQ Group to rearrange them

To customize the order of your FAQs in a FAQ Group, simply drag and drop them within the group to rearrange the order. A dropping zone will be highlighted as you move the cursor.

4. Drag FAQ Groups to rearrange them

Rearrange FAQ Groups to your liking in the FAQ Editor using the same technique.

FAQ Group order has no effect on the front-end. It is only for your personal preferences.

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