The FAQ Editor page is where you manage all FAQs. It has been designed to be as simple as possible.

No page reload, no save button. You manage all of your FAQs in one space and it has never been so easy.

The FAQ Editor is split into two main areas.

The FAQ Group area (left side)

FAQs are displayed through a FAQ group. You need to create a FAQ Group to have your FAQs displayed through the shortcode.

You can create as many groups as you like and rearrange them using drag’n’drop.

The All FAQs area (right side)

This area regroups all of your FAQs, regardless what FAQ Group they are in.

This is what you need to know about FAQs :

  • One FAQ can be dragged to one or multiple FAQ Groups.
  • You can drag’n’drop a FAQ from a FAQ Group to another.
  • Any change to a FAQ from a FAQ Group will be synced automatically if the FAQ is present in multiple groups.
  • You can create a FAQ directly from within a FAQ Group or from the FAQ list on the right.
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