How to create a FAQ

There are two ways to create a FAQ.

Create a FAQ from a FAQ Group

Most of the time you will create FAQs from a FAQ Group.

At the bottom of any FAQ Group, click the Add FAQ button.

A new window will pop up within the group. From this window:

  1. Enter the FAQ Question.
  2. Enter the FAQ Answer in the TinyMCE Editor below. You can format it any way you want or use custom HTML.
  3. Optionnally select an emoji.
  4. When everything looks right, save using the Save button or use the CTRL+S keyboard shortcut.

Create a FAQ from the All FAQs panel

To create a FAQ that will not be assigned to any group, use the Add FAQ button at the bottom of the All FAQs panel.

Then, create the FAQ using the same process as described above.

When you’re done, you can drag and drop your FAQ to one or multiple FAQ Groups on the left.

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