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  • I have been using another TOC plugin, can I switch to Joli Table Of Contents without changing all of my shortcodes ?

    Yes, you can use our special filter hook jolitoc_shortcode_tag so that you can keep your old shortcode working.

    For example, if you were using the “Super TOC” plugin with the shortcode [ super-toc ], you can keep using the same shortcode by letting Joli TOC that it should use this shortcode instead of the default [ joli-toc ] shortcode.

  • Can I customize each heading level independently ?

    Yes, the table of contents generates specific CSS class for each heading level (H2, H3, etc) that allows for precise targeting.

    For example, if you want to customize only headings of level H2, you can use custom CSS like so :

    .wpj-jtoc .--jtoc-h2 > .wpj-jtoc--item-content a {
        font-weight: bold;
  • Can I add custom HTML inside or around the TOC ?

    Yes, absolutely ! Joli Table of Contents comes with a myriad of action hooks that let you add any custom HTML pretty much anywhere on the TOC !

    Thanks to these hooks, you can also add custom HTML on each single heading and/or target specific headings.

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