Post type settings

In Joli Table of Contents, post type settings allows advanced configuration on a post type basis.

If you are not sure what you are doing, it is best to leave this feature alone and only use the global settings. This is meant for advanced customization.

What is Post type settings ?

Post type settings lets you create a completely different set of settings per post type. This works for posts/pages as well as custom post types.

For example, you have a custom post type “Product” and you need the table of contents title to be “Specifications”, and you only want to show the H2 headings. All you have to do is to create a new set of settings for the post type “Product” and switch it on. All products will then inherit from these settings instead of the global settings.

How to edit settings for a post type ?

To create or edit a set of post type settings on the first time, hover the Post type settings area, and click the Unlock button.

From there, click on the desired post type name that you want to edit the settings, and the settings page will reload. After the page has reloaded, you can make sure that you are editing the correct settings by checking the post type name of the top right of the screen. When editing the global settings it will show “Global settings”, or when editing post type settings, it will show “[name of the post type] settings”.

You can edit any setting available on the page and save it in a similar fashion as you would do with the global settings.

How to activate post type settings ?

Once you have created/edited settings for a specific post type, it won’t be active until it’s switched on. You then need to switch it on, under the post type name to make it active for the desired post type.

When active, the table of contents will automatically pick up on the settings associated to its post type.

When inactive, the table of contents will inherit from the global settings by default.

How to copy settings to another post type settings ?

To copy a whole set of settings between post type settings, just use the import/export feature.

Export the desired settings by loading the page first, then export it. Then, load the settings page for the target post type settings and import the settings.

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