Import / Export settings

Importing / exporting settings can be useful if you want to use the same settings on another website OR if you want to copy settings from a specific post type settings to another.

How to show the import / export window ?

In the settings page, near the top, click the Import/export button and a small overlay will show up.

How to export settings ?

From there, just click the Download button and all the current setting for the current post type will be downloaded into a .json file.

For example, if you are editing the global settings, ONLY the global settings will be downloaded.

How to import settings ?

In the same fashing as for exporting, click the button to pick a file from your computer.

From there, select the .json file and finally click the Upload button to apply the settings.

If the operation went well, the page should reload automatically with the new settings.

How to copy settings from the global settings to a post type settings ?

  1. Make sure you are editing the global settings (it will show on the right of the top header).
  2. Export the global settings
  3. Close the import/export modal.
  4. Click the post type you want to copy the settings to.
  5. Import the settings as explained above.
  6. That’s it !
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