Generate a featured image from a template

Once you have created at least one template, you can use them directly when editing a post.

In the gutenberg editor, on the right sidebar and under the Post settings, scroll down to the Featured image section.

Expand it if necessary and you will notice that a new “Smart Auto Featured Image” area is showing right above the native “Set featured image” button.

1. Select a template from the list

Expand the Template dropdown to see all of your templates. Select one to make it active.

Once it is selected, it will show as the SELECTED TEMPLATE.

2. Use it as is or customize it for the current post

If you have configured your template to be sufficiently dynamic, maybe you don’t need this extra step. It really depends on your needs.

Anyways, from this stage you have the option to customize the template for the current post. Maybe you want to change an image, or add a bit of text somewhere.

If you want to customize it, click the “Customize template” text link. The editor will popup and you can edit the template normally.

Any change made to the template will only be saved for the current post, the original template will not be modified.

3. Preview the template on the current post

Once you’re done, you can click the Preview button. This will show you exactly how your image will be rendered before actually generating it.

If you are not satisfied with the preview, make some more changes and get back to the preview.

You can preview a template as many times as you want, this will not use up any credit.

4. Generate the actual featured image from the preview

If you are satisified with the preview, you can now generate the actual image by clicking the Generate featured image button.

The process will take a few seconds and the image will automatically be added to your media library and set as the post’s featured image.

Each image generation costs 1 credit.

4. Check and save the Featured Image

Once the image has been generated, it will show in the Featured Image area.

Don’t forget to save your changes.

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