The Image tool lets you insert on the template. Unlike the Dynamic image tool, the Image tool only allows static images.

You can add images from one of these sources:

Keybord shortcut : I

Inserting an image from Unsplash

Upon creating the image layer, click the Browse Unsplash button under the Image panel.

This will popup an overlay from where you can type a keyword and search for images.

Click any image you like to use it within the layer.

Image fit: Cover vs Contain

An image will be contained withing its bounding box. However, you need to pick the right image fit to obtain the desired result.

Image fit: Contain

The contain mode will ensure that the orginal image is fully visible (without cropping), but will not necessarily fill the whole bounding box.

Image fit: Cover

The cover mode will fill the whole bounding box available. This mode will most likely crop the image and zoom it if the image is too small.

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