Managing your templates

From the Template manager page, you can create / edit / import / export / duplicate/ delete templates.

Each template created from this page will be available to be selected in any post.

Overview of the template editor interface

When editing a template, the editor shows up.

From the template editor, you can design your template whatever way you want using the tools and controls available.

Template selection and image generation in posts

When you are editing a post, scroll down to the Featured image section of the Page settings. You will see the Smart Auto Featured Image box that will let you select an existing template, or create a new design from scratch using the Blank template.

If you need to bring a modification to the template specific to the post being edited, you can click the template thumbnail or the pencil icon to open up the editor.

Any changes made to the template when editing a post will be saved ONLY for the current post. This will not alter the template globally.

Once your template is ready, click the Preview button to see how the Featured Image is going to look like before actually creating the image file.

From the Preview modal, you can optionally change the global image format and quality settings.

When you are satisfied, simply click the Generate featured image button.

The generation process will take a few seconds since the images are generated on our end. The processing time includes the actual image processing, plus the file transfer to your server.

When the process is completed, the Featured image is automatically inserted and shows up normally.

Don’t forget to save, and that’s it !

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