Getting started

Creating featured images for your blog posts has never been so easy with Smart Auto Featured Image.

How does it work ?

A featured images is generated automatically based on a template.

You can create as many templates as you wish and use them throughout your posts.

A template can be configured to render elements dynamically, based on the post content. This way, one template can be used for many blog posts.

What is dynamic content ?

Dynamic content can be text, or images. Some elements can also be rendered conditionally.

For example, you can set the post title, or the first image from the blog post as dynamic content.

You can also render different elements or colors depending on the category of a blog post.

How to create a template ?

You can manage templates from the Template editor. Start from scratch, or use pre made templates as a base.

Duplicate templates to create variations.

How to use a template in a blog post ?

When editing a post in the gutenberg editor, under the Featured image section from the Post setting sidebar, there will be a Smart Auto Featured Image module on top of the “Set featured image” section.

This is where you will pick a template, maybe customize it and finally you need to click the Preview button before actually generating the featured image.

Once the image has been generated, it will automatically be uploaded and set as the featured image of the post. No need to worry about uploading an image or use third-party editors !

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